Anal Sex

Anal sex is not something that is experienced exclusively by gay men. Men and women enjoy anal sex as an alternative to everyday lovemaking. Its not for everyone, but anal sex may be what you’re looking for if you want to try something completely different.

Anal sex is enjoyable because of the rich body of nerve endings in the anus. While people often experience pain when first attempting anal sex, as a person learns to relax, the pain often subsides into pleasure. For men, anal sex also offers stimulation to the prostate, an organ that provides the rush of pleasure during orgasm.

Anal sex can be a perfectly safe activity as long as you take the necessary precautions. You should remember that your anus and rectum do not have their own natural lubrication nor the kind of elasticity the mouth and vagina enjoy. That is why anal sex must be practiced with care.

Vaginal Sex

Some women have no problem reaching orgasm from simple vaginal penetration because the movement of the labia can provide some clitoral stimulation while the nerve endings inside the vagina are delicately engorged. Still there are many women (some estimates would say as high as 60%) who for anatomical or psychological reasons can’t reach orgasm from penetration alone. Sexual intercourse alone doesn’t treat the clitoris to direct stimulation, it almost ignores this important erogenous area altogether.

More thrusting does not necessarily mean more fun. Many couples enjoy insertion and then a simple rocking back and forth. This can be extremely satisfying because it allows both partners to relax with one another. Other couples enjoy shallow thrusting because it provides a great deal of mutual stimulation. Whatever you prefer, remember that the most sensitive nerve endings in the vagina are near the opening, and therefore constant stimulation of that area can be gratifying. For the male, shallow penetration allows constant stimulation of the head of the penis and specifically the frenulum which are both squeezed by the vaginal muscles located near the vaginal opening.

Thrusting is made more enjoyable with lubricant. Sometimes a woman does not produce a sufficient amount of natural lubrication on her own, and lubrication on both the vagina and penis are helpful for better sex. Prolonged sex can also deplete natural lubrication, and creams or oils can be applied at intervals along the way.

Missionary Position

In this very tender and intimate position the man is on top laying down and facing his partner. The full body contact felt in the missionary position gives a unique level of closeness between the two partners which is heightened by the ability to kiss, caress and hold each other close during coitus. The drawbacks of such a position have largely to do with the position of the female. Her pelvic movements are extremely restricted which means that she plays a more passive role. This limited freedom is unappealing to many women. Yet, the missionary position allows for easy entry, deep penetration and uncompromised intimacy.

The female lies on her back with her legs spread apart. The male then lowers himself on top of the female with his arms supporting his weight. From this position the male has the freedom to thrust or make circular movements with his thighs. If he lowers himself closer to her and rests some of his weight on top of her body, his pubic bone can provide gentle clitoral stimulation. The female can thrust her middle body towards the man using the support of her legs, or grasp the man from behind controlling somewhat his thrusting movements.

Woman On Top

Many couples feel that the woman on top position is the greatest way to make love. It permits deep penetration, and affords a woman more control over the movement and, speed and depth. For many women, this position is the only one through which orgasm is possible during intercourse.

This position is largely self explanatory. The male lies on his back while his partner straddles his torso. She controls the rhythm and depth of penetration. He lies supine with movement inhibited somewhat by her weight and his lack of leverage. Some women prefer to lay forward so she may kiss her mate, while others choose to sit up straight. Regardless of which you prefer, an interesting idea is to just rock back and forth or in a circular motion while resting on your partner’s body. There is more clitoral stimulation this way, and it also has the advantage of the feeling of deep penetration, which some women really like.

Rear Entry

Rear entry offers some types of stimulation that other positions can’t. From behind, a man has more room to move and alter the thrusting movements he wishes to make. Likewise the female has a certain degree of movement that is impossible in other positions. She can work in tandem with her partner guiding the speed and depth of penetration.

Some couples do not find rear entry positions that enticing. Some complain that there is a lack of intimacy because the two partners cannot see each other in the passionate moments they are spending together. The male gets an intriguing view of his lover while the female normally must stare at the wall or bed. The addition of a mirror to the bedroom can reduce this effect. This way the two partners can see each other and if you set up the mirrors with some imagination, you can both witness your passion from any angle you choose.

Also known by some as “doggy style” the rear entry position is fairly easy to assume. The woman gets either on her hands and knees or lays stomach first on the bed with her lover behind her. He is on his knees or sometimes his feet, and develops leverage by grasping on to her hips. Depending on preference the man’s legs can be inside of the women’s legs or outside of them. Couples may wish to have the woman’s legs closer together because it creates more friction between the penis and vagina.

In this position a man has a great deal of freedom for thrusting. Her movement is somewhat restricted but this can be easy modified with an ottoman or low bed. The woman can then rest the upper half of her body on a supporting structure. This in turn gives her more freedom to move her hips and pelvis. The rear entry position offers the couple a chance at experiencing new sensations because the angle of entry is different while deep thrusting is made much easier. All these factors contribute to a particularly intense experience if you are with the right partner. Most men find that it is difficult to prolong their orgasm while in this position. The stimulation is often too intense or overwhelming. Consequently the couple may wish to save the rear entry position as a way to end their lovemaking session.


Fellatio is oral sex performed on a man. Finding an agreeable position for fellatio is usually not a difficult task. The key aspects are that the man is comfortable and that the person performing fellatio has access to the genitals. With an erect penis there is an additional consideration; the person giving head should be positioned so that the angle of the penis and the angle of the giver’s throat are somewhat aligned.

A common position for fellatio is when the man receiving sits or lies on a bed with his partner kneeling or laying on the ground in front of him. This gives the person who is performing oral sex complete access to the penis, scrotum and anus. The position is also at a good angle for the throat so that entry of the penis into the mouth is not a problem. (Note: if you do not like the man receiving fellatio to stroke your hair or face during oral sex then tell him beforehand. It can be extremely non-erotic if both of you are turned off by his gesture.


Cunnilingus is the act of using the mouth to stimulate the female gentials. This can include sucking or licking the outer and inner areas of the vagina, and most often involves direct stimulation of the clitoris. Some women find cunnilingus to be the most satisfying sexual act. Indeed, a great number of women report that oral sex is the only way they can achieve orgasm. The mouth can create a uniquely intense range of sensations which many find unrivaled.

Most couples begin with the woman sitting in a chair or on the bed. This gives full access to the genitals and support to the back so that the woman is relaxed and her hands are free to stimulate herself. The partner performing oral sex can lie or sit facing the woman, free to use his or her hands for stimulation with the fingers.

Another popular position is for the woman to squat on all fours over her lover’s face as she or he is lying down. Some people prefer this position because it allows a woman to move her pelvis to accentuate the stimulation. This position also allows a couple to mutually stimulate one another (the so-called ‘69’) when it is performed each partner at opposite ends. If you are a more meticulous giver of oral sex, you may not like this position because it is difficult to place your tongue right where you want it. Couples who wish to engage in playful dominance-submissive role playing might like to try standing while the other partner performs oral sex on his or her knees.


A vibrator is an electric device that massages areas of the body, particularly the penis, vagina and anus. The most common use of vibrators is by women for masturbation, but many men use vibrators to suppliment their sexual experiences as well. Vibrators come in all shapes, textures and sizes, each catering to a particular taste. With the thousands of vibrators on the market today, you’ll almost certainly be able to find one that suits your taste. Those open to vibrators find they add an exciting dimension to everyday sex or masturbation. Some women describe the sexual feeling from a vibrator as one of the most intense possible.

You may not have guessed it, but vibrators are not primarily used for vaginal penetration.Vibrators are quivering, electrical devices, and are used most often on the exterior of a woman’s genitals for sexual stimulation. They can sometimes resemble the male sexual organ, but most popular brands do not represent any part of the human body whatsoever. Women can use vibrators to stimulate their clitoris, vulva, vagina and anus. Men can use vibrators to stimulate their penis and anus. Couples use vibrators together to enhance the pleasure of sexual intimacy.


When women become sexually aroused the vagina balloons and the uterus elevates; and it is only normal for some women to wish to feel the fullness of penetration. This does not mean that a dildo should be regarded as a surrogate for the penis, as a dildo can take on many different shapes and sizes. It provides a completely unique form of stimulation. For men, a dildo can offer stimulation of the prostate when used anally. Both hetero and homosexual men use dildos for self-pleasure and with their partners.

Dildos are a completely different form of penetration. They allow the person being penetrated to be in complete control of the range, speed and type of motion as well as the angle of penetration. Dildos have many benefits, only one of which is the pleasure of stimulating the vagina or anus.

When using a dildo, the user has the unique opportunity to fully control the speed of the thrusting. In addition, dildos allow the user to adjust the size and thickness of the penetration. Even if your partner’s penis or fingers offer a great deal of sexual pleasure, a dildo can supplement your typical lovemaking. A dildo can also provide a welcome change when you are masturbating, acting as another source of stimulation. Imagine controlled exploration of your body, without fear that a slip or misjudgment by your partner will cause pain or discomfort.

Dildos can also help contribute to better sexual health. Menopausal women can use dildos to help decrease the effects of menopause on the vaginal wall. Menopause often causes thinning of the vaginal walls. Regular use of a dildo will maintain vaginal tone by exercising the vaginal muscles. Dildos can also help lessen the effects of vaginismus. This is a condition where the muscles in the vagina become tense, which can make intercourse quite painful. A dildo allows controlled penetration to ease the tension, readying a woman for penetration by her partner.

Anal Toys

Anal toys are simply adult toys that are used to stimulate the nerve endings in the rectum. The anus is an erogenous zone for both men and women. So it comes as no surprise that anal toys have a certain stigma attached to them.The rectum contains a collection of nerves which are used in the waste excretion process. Stimulating these nerves produces deep, pleasurable sensations.

Anal toys provide a unique opportunity to explore these nerves and prostate stimulation. The prostate gland is associated with the nerves that trigger orgasm in the male and when it is massaged, the results can be electrifying.