Forced Training (Phase 1) (Sex Story)

I was lying in our bed with my heart and mind going a hundred miles an hour. I began to feel scared for my wife, and worried about how these next two weeks will affect our relationship. I looked over at my sleeping wife and thought about how beautiful and sexy she looked even in the drab old sweatshirt of mine and my old long pajama bottoms. Her face looked so peaceful framed by her dishwater blond hair that came down almost to the top of her 34B breasts. Under that sweatshirt was a flat bellybutton that, only in her imagination, was always a little fat. Below her tummy was a soft brown soft trimmed bush topping pinkish brown lips. Her legs were long and beautiful. Her sexy very soft feet were usually sticking out of the blankets to cool her down as she slept. At 120 lbs I didn’t think my wife needed to lose a pound. Perhaps after these next weeks she will feel the same way.

As I stared down at her I began to think back to the last few weeks to the arrangements I had made for tonight. I remembered back to how this started in an AOL chat room “wife in forced training.” I was no stranger to the AOL wife chat rooms, “wife for loan”, “use my wife”, “wife forced”, and all the variations of “Offline about wife.” I entered the wife in forced training and figured it was for hubbies with the “Story of O” type fantasies, leaving your wife at a place to be sexually training to be more open to her sexuality, enabling her to separate the love from her sexual adventures. I posted that it was one of my fantasies.

A couple of minutes later…. An instant message came through saying hello, asking what just fantasy, what I was really interesting in, and the usual intro stuff. I explained about my fantasies to be able to share my wife when I wanted, and generally to have her be a very sexual person. The other guy asked if it was the kind of fantasy I wanted to come true or not. There were of course fantasies that I had about my wife that I didn’t want to really happen such as her being raped by a stranger, or made pregnant by a lover that were none the less a turn on to think about. I explained that her having other lovers and being shared was definitely one I wanted to come true. The only other thing I would like to see is for my bride dress hotter. He wanted her to dress a little more revealing for work, but then much more outrageously sexy at home or for adventures.

I chatted a while longer and found this guy to be friendly, but very a serious type as well. It also turned out he lived in southern California as we did.

After about 30 minutes of chatting with “John”, he asked about the fantasy of my wife being trained by another man, and if that was one I really wanted to come true. I told him that would be incredible; however I didn’t think it was a realistic fantasy. He told me he knew of men who did that sort of thing for husbands. He went on to add that most husbands were not in a position to, and didn’t know how to bring about serious change in their wives attitude and behavior. At this time I figured that this guys was one of the flakes that you often found in these chat rooms.

At least he hadn’t asked, “Send a pic!” the first line of his instant message.

He asked me, “Exactly, how would I you want your wife to changed either in behavior or appearance?”

I told him that I was more than happy, and turned on by her appearance. The only little request I would have is to see her pussy hair highlighted blond like the hair on her head. My dream for her behavior would be for her to really relax and enjoy sex more. She enjoys it now, but she doesn’t usually like experimenting, thinks lesbianism is sick, and that her having sex with other men might harm our marriage. I would love to be able to share her with men we met that turned her on, as well as watch her perform with strangers.

He agreed that that was a hot fantasy and very common. He did say however that most men would not really be interested in seeing it through, since a wife who wasn’t ready to experiment would not likely go voluntarily to be sexually trained by another man. I replied that her training by force would be more exciting. We then said our goodbyes and I signed off.

The next day I received an email from John saying that if I was serious about having my wife trained I should respond with a picture of my wife, if not really serious don’t bother. My erection and my interest were piqued as thoughts of my wife being trained ran through my head. I thought for a couple days about if I could, as John said let someone forcibly train my wife to perform sexually with whoever I wanted. Although I would have bet that this guy was just getting off on the fantasy, when I decided that I could really go through with this I responded to John’s email.

To make a long story short, a few days later, I was meeting John at a bar in Hollywood during lunch time. He turned out to be a good looking guy 45 years old, about 6″1 with salt and pepper hair and a good build. After greeting and some pleasantries, John asked again if I was serious about having my wife put through forced training. I told him I was willing but, couldn’t imagine how it could be pulled off. John patiently explained how he had some associates had been doing it for the last couple of years.

He said that when he explained I would have to pretend to plan a vacation with my wife so that she would arrange time off of work and not be missed for some time. She would even need to be packed although when they came for her all they wanted were the clothes she was wearing and her birth control pills. They would arrange a time and date to come get her one night, presumably the night before the “vacation”. I would call them when she went to sleep, let them in the house and lead them to our bedroom. One of John’s associates is a medical doctor who would enter along with John and two guys to help carry her. The doctor uses a mild gas similar to laughing gas to make the wife relaxed and powerless during her trip. She would be secured with duct tape over her mouth, wrists, and ankles for the ride to John’s house. The Dr. monitors the wife’s breathing and heart rate during the ride so that she is not in danger at anytime.

I would then need to go away for a couple of weeks so that I was not spotted around town. Once a day I would get a DVD of my wife’s training. The training would be similar to military training in which the student is broken down emotionally them built back up. A classical conditioning system of rewards and punishment would teach the wife to please lovers at the direction of her husband. The first few two or three days of training was the hardest, while the wife learns of her situation, resists it, and finally accepts it. In the beginning the wives are put in some discomfort and not given any creature comforts, such as bed the truth is always told to the wives so that they learn to trust John and the other instructors. In keeping with this the wife will be told the first day that her husband set this up. As training goes on she realizes how this was the only way for the wife to be released from the sexual restraints society has placed on her.

To protect John and the others, from panicking husbands, they cannot know where John lives, or the last names of anyone involved. The daily DVDs and phone calls from John will keep, most men from becoming needlessly worried about their wives. The husbands worry about going to prison would normally prevent thought of trying to back out once this process began.

About a week later I received the following email from John:


I enjoyed our chat about your wife last week. Although I know you probably didn’t think I was serious about taking Lori and training her for you, I wanted to give you a week to think about it. Let me assure you I was serious! I have done this about six times for other couples, and when it’s over, they are happy as can be that the husband initiated it. If you are not interested in the reality of this please delete this email and forget about it. If you are still interested and serious, think about it for another week and then reply to me here.


Well my mind raced for another week, as did my heart since now I was thinking this guy might be real. I pictured my wife going through all sorts of trauma and discomfort as she resisted the training at first, then slowing accepted it, and then learned to love the new adventures. Exactly a week later I replied to John’s email and wrote:


This is a great fantasy but if you are for real, I am still interested and have many questions.


John wrote back later that same day writing that he needed to talk to me on the phone next. He added that when a guy can’t talk on the phone about doing this, he knows they were never serious. I wrote him back with my cell phone # and times it would be safe to call. When he called me the next day, he sounded very mature, and friendly. He explained that he understood that this was a huge step for any husband to take, and would never ask someone to do this without proof of what he could do and having all their questions answered.

He asked what sort of changes I would like to see in Lori. I said that I would enjoy if she would initiate sex more often, anal sex, and I’d like to watch her play with herself more often. I told him of my fantasies of her trying lesbianism, as well as my favorite dream of being able to share her body with other men. John told me that all these desires were very common for husbands, and that they are easy to train a wife to do over a couple of week period.

He then asked if I was still interested to meet him for a drink, and bring pictures of Lori that showed her face. I had sent him a few of her sexy lingerie pics, and nudes when we first chatted, but had always blocked her face. We agreed on “Daddy’s” a nice, but dark bar to meet at the next day in Hollywood on Vine Street. I choose about a dozen of her pictures both sexy pics showing her beautiful face, as well as ones of us together so John would know she was really my wife.

The next evening I was at the bar holding a folder with Lori’s pics and then I was approached by John at the corner table. He was in his late 40’s, about 6’1″ in good shape with slightly graying hair. He had a mustache and goatee, and dressed nicely. After we introduced ourselves, we ordered drinks. I handed him the folder. As he browsed through my wife’s pictures, he told me how beautiful my wife was, and what a lucky guy I was. He said if I had her go through the training there would be nothing about her sexually she would not do on request.

John emphasized that he and his associates, were “NOT rapists! In fact It’s a turn off for me if a woman is not into sex and just going through the motions.

He said any sex my wife would have while at t he house, would be because she wanted it, and I should be prepared for that as well. John said in a weeks’ time, my wife would be having sex with several men a day and women as well if I wanted and that when I got her back, even If I wanted sex everyday it would be like a day off for her.

John went on and explained how this would work if I agreed:

I would need to plan a “trip” away with her so that no one would miss her for a week, and that I would then also have to stay out of sight.

I would need to pack her a small bag of clothes and personal items, and a picture of myself.

When the time was arranged for her to be picked up, to open the garage and escort the men to our bedroom to my sleeping beauty.

He explained that during the first week they would start off breaking her will down. They would then using classical and operant conditioning to teach her sexual techniques and more importantly, create her will to please you. He opened a laptop and started a video with short clips of the training cycles. The first clip was titled “Phase 1”.

Phase 1: Showed a pretty 30s blonde with a body similar to my wife. The woman was kneeling almost in the fetal position on a gray cement floor with matching walls. She sobbed and cursed the camera and her husband. Other than a toilet and a steel chain around her neck nothing else was visible in the scene. John handed me an earpiece that extended from the laptop and I placed it in my ear. I could now hear John lecturing the woman about how she needed to look at sex differently and that he would train her for that and to better sexually satisfy her husband’s desires. She was obviously under bright lights and shivering.

Phase 2: The woman was no longer crying and had a cot to sleep on. John was playing recordings of her husband telling her he loved her but saw no other way for their marriage to work.

Phase 3: The woman had been given supplies and had done her hair and makeup and was dressed in an outfit straight from Victoria’s Secret, heels and all. She was actively discussing sexual activity and feeling with John. I also noticed a nightstand was now next to her cot and a bottle of water was on the table.

Phase 4: The same woman is now lying on a plush looking bed nude. She was massaging her breasts with one hand and her bald pussy with the other. She smiled seductively at the camera. When John entered the frame he handed at a rabbit type long vibrator and she thanked him. She used her fingers to open her pussy lips and asked the camera man and John if they could see w ell and if they though her husband would like this tape and she began working the large pink vibrator into her opening.

Phase 5: The camera is close to the woman’s face and she eagerly sucks John’s cock. She alternates her stare s between John’s eyes and the camera. She massages his large shaved balls and forces her head further onto John’s cock until she chokes, and then some!

With a smile and tears in her eyes she pulls her mouth off the invader long enough to look at the camera and say, “Honey I am a cock sucker now! I am sorry I neglected you cock in so many ways all these years. I can’t wait to see you soon my darling.”

Phase 6: I now saw the remnants of a meal on her nightstand and the camera pan over to the woman on her hands and knees getting slammed from the rear by John. He slapped her ass and told her a little louder and she went on and on about how good his cock felt inside her pussy. He then reached and grabbed her one of her hands and moved it between her legs. John told her that men like their balls massaged when they are fucking in doggie style. I could see her hand massaging his John’s balls.

Phase 7: The scene is now in a luxurious bedroom. The wife was now kneeling on a big bed feasting on a beautiful brunette’s neatly trimmed pussy. You would of thought the pussy contained some life saving nectar by the way she was pushing her nose and lips into it. As the camera panned right, John and another younger man came into view. John was on his back and the wife was impaled on him riding his cock somehow without taking her lips off the pussy. The younger man was gripping her hips and fucking her as had as he could. He was s lapping her ass and bringing the blood to the surface of her delicate skin.

Phase 8: Again the pretty wife was in the beautiful bedroom on her back on the bed. The camera gave a close up of her hair across the pillow as she smiled at the camera. She talked lovingly to the camera telling her husband how much she has missed him and how much she loves him. As the camera backs up I can now see the John is between her legs slowly sliding his cock in and out of her small pink pussy. The wife hand her hands and legs wrapped John pulling him into her rhythmically and moaning between sentences to her husband.

Phase 9: The black screen just read, “Requested private by husband.”

I was not prepared for such a transformation. John told me that this wife went through the 8 phases in about 12 days and was back home with her husband in less than 2 weeks. As you probably can imagine, I had a dozen or more questions for John. He answered all my questions openly.
When I asked about Phase 9 John said that phases 1-8 were very standard. He said some of the husbands wanted more specific training performed. He said some wanted their wives to be comfortable with and even enjoy watching the husbands having sex with other women, be dominant, become sexual with the family pet, or learn a variety of fetishes. John added that if I wanted something like this, I could always bring Lori back later if she agreed.

I asked if I could come visit my wife during her training period. He said that was never allowed. He said the husbands can never know where the mansion is until his wife completes the training. A few times husbands have had serious second thoughts after seeing the Phase 1 DVD. John warned me that the first phase can be rough to watch. He went on to explain that if I was serious, I would be required to sign a letter. The letter states that I my wife and I are voluntarily engaging in a kidnapping and rape fantasy. They would get my wife’s signature shortly after she was taken. This obviously gave them some level of security should things ever go bad.

I swallowed my drink and told John I want you to train my wife.

That was two weeks ago. I was lying in my bed thinking back to that meeting when my cell phone vibrated. It vibrated just once showing a restricted number and the screen went dark.. That was the code. My heart beat s o fast I wondered if I was going to have a heart attack. I lean over and gave my beautiful sleeping wife a gentle kiss on the cheek. I then got up and walked into the garage opening the door. Three men said nothing but followed me through the house to our bed room.

I stood at the side of the bed and one goes to the foot and the other nears her head. The oldest man near her face puts small mask over her mouth and she startles awake. The guy at her feet is gripping her ankles tightly. She struggles for about two seconds and then goes limp. This is much harder to watch then I anticipated. The older guy removes the mask and checks her pulse and breathing. He tells me she’s fine and her picks up her body like a ragdoll and throws her over his shoulder and they are out of the room quickly. They walk out the garage and pas her to another man in the back of the van. And they are driving away seconds later. The house seam s eerily quiet as I close the garage door and I worry if I did the right thing.

The next two days are torment sitting home worrying about my wife, not being able to go to work or answer the phone. The only human contact I get is when there is a knock on the door the second night. I near the front door knowing I shouldn’t answer it, when the older well dressed man says, “John sent me.” I open the door and he hands me a CD sleeve and says good night. I look at it and the label on it reads, “Phase 1.”

THE END, for now…..

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