She already knew (Sex Story)

Wow, 10 pm. At the bar again. Alone.
I stroked my hair and thought of her. Macy, so beautiful, perfect,sexy. I wanted her. She probably isn’t lesbian, though. I kept telling myself, “tara, she’ll never love you!” and i believe it, its so sad.

The next morning…

The way she typed, flipped her hair every once in a while, it was my dream to at least make love to her ONCE.

“tara!” Macy called me over to the copier machine. “we need to make some copies so can you do that? For me?”

Anything for you macy! I stood silent, gazing into her eyes, and she looked away.


We said together, she let me go first.

“macy, i need to tell you something. But in private.”

” confrence room, common.” she demanded

So close to her, alone, i was about to speak, when she put a dainty finger over my mouth. She sat me down in a chair.

“you know tara, i have an offer for you, one you might enjoy.” she said, twisting the blinds and then pulling them down.

“what?” i hopefully uttered.

She said nothing. She just circled around my chair. And kissed me.i was shocked! Wow! Her sweet lips pressed against mine, and her tounge traced my teeth. Our pussies were grinding upagainst eachother, we were against the wall.

She moaned a bit, a small squeak.

I took her and pulled her away from me. She donned a confused face. I then grabbed her breasts and pushed them all the way so she backed up into the table and sat on it. She took off my skirt and wrapped her legs tightly around me. I rubbed my hand not pulling her towards me on her pussy under her skirt. It was wet and soaked. I took off her thong and fingered her pussy. She was moaning an having a sexy time. She lay down on the table and pulled me on with her. She grabbed my breasts and took off my jacket and shirt, revealing my bra.

It was front clipped, so she took her teeth and bit it off, and immediatly began sucking my hardened nipples. I took off her skirt and lay between her legs, carressing her clitoris with my tounge, how wet she was!

I took of hertop and she had no bra on! We went at it for a long time, kissings, fingering, and moaning. And we loved from that day on.

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